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The Total Leader ®
Developing Strategy, Building Leadership Cultures, Improving Productivity

Your company will achieve greater profitability, better performance and a higher return on investment when you communicate a vision-driven strategy, develop leaders throughout your organization, and increase productivity of your people. Together with you, we focus solely on delivering results you can measure.



Workshops and Seminars

Improve team effectiveness and performance with a targeted workshop

collaboration_teamLMI can work with you to develop a targeted workshop or seminar using our proven process and extensive research.  Popular topics include...

  • Communication and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Surveys can also be used to help target specific needs

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Business Exit Planning

How will you Minimize Risk and Maximize Value
when you Exit?

LMI has the experience and a proven process to help business owners clearly understand your options, reduce risk and ensure a successful exit from your business. Our business exit and succession planning process provides peace of mind to the owners and senior level executives of closely held and family owned businesses.

  • Setting clear objectives
  • Protecting and maximizing value while reducing risk
  • Integrating the work of all of your trusted advisors
  • Addressing the triple bottom line of financial, family and legacy      Click here...
Advisor to Advisors - Business Consulting & Personal Coaching

Over the past 25 years of working with a wide variety of large financial producers, managers and CEO’s of high powered niche services firms, we’ve found that elite professionals value five things:

ALG group seated 300

  1. Personal attention and customized counsel – result is strong motivation for laser action.
  2. A strategic sounding board for their prospecting and marketing ideas and client opportunities - result is best thinking and decision making.
  3. A 3rd party facilitator for their tough issues – result is conflict resolved quickly.
  4. An outside evaluation of their processes and approaches – result is a reality check and healthy change.
  5. Competitive advantage through relentless continuous improvement and expert training – result is never reversing, always growing.

All five of these benefits take place in the course of our typical approach to an ongoing coaching relationship.

CLICK HERE to get the full report: Advisor to Advisors Business Consulting & Personal Coaching Services

This service includes:

• Monthly, in-person meetings.
• Scheduled mid-month phone conferences for follow up, accountability and support.
• As needed on-call support by phone and email for spot help.

Contact: Edwards Holliday (202)656-2388

Equine Facilitated Learning

Melba Holliday - ALGThrough our partnership with Great Strides in Damascus, Maryland, we now offer Equine Facilitated Learning, both individual coaching and group workshops.

Why Partner with Horses?

Horses are outstanding teachers and healers. As animals of prey horses have survived for millions of years through their highly tuned instincts and sensitive energetic intelligence.

Because they are so energetically sensitive they are powerful mirrors and detectors of our emotions, attitudes and behaviors which are often beyond our awareness. Horses are not judgmental, they lovingly help us connect with our authentic power and resources. Coaching with horses is experiential allowing for a mind/body connection that can be transformational.

Horses help us:

• to be present
• to get to an issue quickly, feel our emotions
• set boundaries
• discover our leadership style
• feel confident
Achieving Manager Study

The Achieving Manager Study - Breakthrough Research

Peter Drucker“If we know one thing today…it is most managers are made, not born…there has to be a systematic work on the supply, the development, and the skills of tomorrow’s management…it cannot be left to chance.”

- Peter F. Drucker

The Achieving Manager study is based in solid science and shows definitively the common behavioral characteristics that the top achieving leaders employ to set themselves apart from their lesser achieving colleagues. These leaders were
most highly valued by their respective companies and were promoted faster and given the most responsibility for managing their organization's assets and people.

It proves leadership is not accidental.

There is a model for effective leadership
that exists and it can be modeled through programs
by The Achieving Manager Experience.  Read more...[The Achieving Manager Study]

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