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Edwards A. Holliday is president and founder of Atlantic Leadership Group, established in 1989 as a Franchise Partner of Leadership Management Inc. (LMI), a world leader in leadership development.

Edwards Holliday

Edwards delivers forward-thinking creativity to Professional Advisors, primarily Private Wealth Advisors in major firms to drive results through better leadership, strategy and productivity. Edwards is the Advisor to Advisors of high producing teams committed to continuously growing, improving and transitioning their businesses.  He coaches clients to achieving better results in increased client assets and revenue, while improving the franchise value of their businesses and helping them cultivate clients into raving fans who naturally refer more business.  His clients include the major wirehouse firms, regionals and independents, and his clients are primarily located in major cities on the east coast (CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, FL).

A longtime specialist in executive coaching, Edwards has as experience in leadership development, strategic planning, productivity improvement, sales prospecting effectiveness, and personal goal setting. For the past three decades he has helped more than 3,000 individuals in different service businesses develop their leadership and management skills, as well as set and achieve business and personal goals.  

Edwards researches validated best practices and transforms proven ideas into innovative solutions for clients that include large firms such as UBS PWM, Morgan Stanley, RBC Wealth Management, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Merrill Lynch. The clients of Atlantic Leadership Group also include small to middle market firms in the fields of accounting, law, trust services, SOF career transition and management. 

Committed to delivering bottom line results, he coaches clients to build upon their strengths, expand their knowledge and stretch into their highest outcomes for themselves and their organizations through the unique process of Strategic Transformation. With more than 100 published profile articles on business leaders and what makes them effective, Edwards is an experienced business coach and facilitator.


We support the growth and development of successful Private Wealth Advisors and Financial Advisors to continuously grow, improve and transition their businesses, resulting in increased AUM and revenue, improved clientele quality, optimized business practices and realized franchise value.


• F
orward-thinking creativity applied to growth strategies to get to the next level.
• Monthly in-person sessions, complemented with teleconferences and email communication.
• Extensive work with advisory teams of all types.
• The intimate, customized and broad scope of work.
• The personal and motivating nature of our relationships.
• The accountability and advisor execution of their plan.
• Coaching and consulting since 1989. 


1. Laser fast creative problem solving, idea generation, collaborative best-thinking.
2. Team development, all phases of new team formation to adding members, succession/exit plans.
3. Strategic referral prospecting within clientele and Centers of Influence, custom approaches.
4. Value proposition/target market focus and articulation; branding materials and planning.
5. Group and individual facilitation and strategic planning.
6. Partner conflict resolution and interpersonal team communication improvement.
7. Consultative sales methods and strategies.

Contact (202)656-2388

Leadership Profile

Melba Holliday is a Managing Partner and ICF Certified Senior Coach of Atlantic Leadership Group.  Melba Holliday - ALG

Melba is a specialist in individual coaching, certified through International Coaching Federation, Results Coaching Systems and Equine Alchemy.  She brings her love of the outdoors, horses and experiential learning to her client engagements whether on the phone, in the boardroom or at the farm.

Melba is an experienced facilitator of behavior-change programs that use goal setting to drive results and is certified by Mastery Systems Inc. and Leadership Management, Inc.  

She has an exceptional ability to listen to the client's total message and make it easier for the client to become clear about their goals and highly motivated internally to take action on their plans. Melba works with her business partner and husband, Edwards Holliday, but her true passion is bridled most of the time when working with her other coaching partner, a 1000-pound horse. Melba is an Equine Facilitated Leadership Coach and she helps professional clients learn about their leadership and management style through interactions on the ground with a horse.  A horse will mirror your energy, attitude and behavior. They react immediately to your emotions. Since they are herd animals, they make great learning partners for developing leadership and management skills.  

Melba has 28 years of professional experience including six years as an independent business owner of a Florida-based fitness training company. Melba has been a Partner of Atlantic Leadership Group since 1994. Melba holds a B.A. Degree in Health Services Administration from Florida International University.

Melba helps clients get unstuck, move successfully through life transitions and achieve heartfelt priorities. 


  • ACC, ICF, International Coaching Federation
  • Equine Assisted Coach, Equine Alchemy
  • Certified Coach, Results Coaching Systems  
  • Certified Facilitator, Leadership Management Inc.
  • Certified Outcome Facilitator, Mastery Systems Inc.
  • Project Adventure Outdoor Experiential Learning
  • Trained, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming

Both Edwards and Melba serve as coaches for Your Grateful Nation (since inception) and have worked with more than 60 SOF Veterans in their transitions from the battlefield to the boardroom.

Contact: (202)780-6792

Leadership Profile

kent standing pose crp website  281 x 431Kent McKamy is a Consulting Associate of Atlantic Leadership Group and he is based in New York. He is a communications veteran, with three decades of experience in public & legislative relations, crisis analysis & consulting, marketing, productivity improvement, presentation training, speechwriting and efficient meeting management.

Before joining Atlantic Leadership Group, Kent was Chief Communications Officer for Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., CEO and EVP of two of the nation's largest public relations firms from 1971 to 1982, and editor-in-chief of Business Management magazine for 10 years. He founded Fields & McKamy International, Inc., a communications consulting firm.

He has guest-lectured in business improvement, marketing and communications at Harvard Business School; Northwestern University School of Business; University of Connecticut; New York University; Wharton Graduate School of Business; Quinnipiac College; and Fairfield University.

Kent has published more than 500 articles on organizational and executive development, advertising, marketing, management, executive compensation, operations, risk management, manufacturing, administration, production, transportation, personnel management, inventory control and other business topics. Kent is author of two business classics: 200 Best Books for Businessmen and Managing Professional Services Enterprises. Kent's clients have included more than 135 corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.

Collaboration Team

weaver for website 281 x 381Mike Weaver is founder and CEO of Achievement Associates, Inc. a human resource and organizational development firm founded in 1972., and Achievement Profiles, a Division of AAI that matches people to positions for performance.

Mike has served a broad spectrum of individuals, private and public companies, not-for-profit organizations, associations, and governmental clients across the United States, and in Canada, nearly 500 clients in its 38 year history and more than 75% of these clients have taken repeat advantage of his services. Achievement Associates, Inc. has locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (the Philadelphia-New York City corridor), in Saint Louis, and in the Carolinas. AAI services include Strategic TransformationTM processes, management and leadership development and team building, sales force training and development, line employee development programs, customer service training, specialized seminars/workshops, executive coaching, and targeted organizational development consulting services. Achievement Profiles, a Division of AAI, focuses on personality profiling and other services for employee selection and positioning.

Mike has enjoyed careers as a United States Air Force officer in aircraft operations and maintenance, and as a Rotary Wing Flight Test Project Engineer for a major aerospace company. Prior to founding AAI, Mike served as a Systems Project Engineer and Senior Staff Engineer for the high technology division of a diversified Fortune 500 corporation and was responsible for New Business Development for the Systems Engineering Department of the same organization Department of the same organization. Mike's system engineering, aircraft operations, marketing, and management experience has spanned aircraft, rocket, missile and radar systems; international counterinsurgency systems; and communications, distribution, and transaction systems for the future. Mike is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Washington University of Saint Louis. Supporting academic activities include work at Rutgers, Penn State University, and Saint Louis University. Mike holds degrees in both Aeronautical Engineering and Business at the Masters level and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He is a graduate of the Industrial College Of The Armed Forces. Mike is a member of the American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics, the American Helicopter Society, and other technical societies. He is a member of Mensa, has been elected to Beta Gamma Sigma, the graduate business school honorary, and has served as a Visiting Professor. Mike is the author of "Winning Selling," a comprehensive sales force training and development program used by organizations throughout the United States and Canada and is now working on "Strategic TransformationTM: The Fusion Of Strategic Thinking And Leadership Culture," to be released soon.

Mike is a co-founder and charter member of Catalyst, a highly selective national organization whose membership is limited to the key executives of independent training and development firms. Catalyst was formed in 1979 to further the state of the art in human resource and organizational development. Catalyst also conducts the Catalyst Executive Seminar/Workshop series which periodically brings key managers from a wide range of organizations together in the interest of both personal and professional development.



Tribute to Jay Hall, Ph.D.

Jay Hall, Ph.D Social Psychologist and Teleometrics International Founder

Special Thanks to Social Psychologist and Teleometrics International, Inc. Founder

Dr. Jay Hall, for over 25 years, devoted his energies to improving the quality and productivity of working relationships in all types of organizations. During this time, he conducted research and consulted with manufacturing and service firms — scientific, research and educational institutions — government agencies — and health care facilities around the world.

He, perhaps more than any other behavioral scientist, devoted himself to pulling together and integrating the dominant management and organizational theories, studies and important validated research of our time.  This included work by great names such as Douglas McGregor, Abraham Maslow, Robert Blake, Jane Mouton, Chris Argyris, Kurt Lewin, Rensis Likert, David McClelland and many others.  Previously, these classic studies of management and organizations arose independent of one another with few researchers consciously building upon the works of the others.

His methods have resulted in increased commitment from employees, better performance in organizations and increased profits for shareholders.

After lecturing in the Department of Psychology, he served on the faculties of both the School of Law and the Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1967, he founded Teleometrics International, which specializes in research and development and training.

Dr. Hall and his provocative concepts have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune and dozens of magazines and journals. He is the author of numerous books, including Models for Management: The Structure of Compentence, The Competence Connection: A Blueprint for Excellence and Ponderables: Essays on Managerial Choice - Past and Future.  His writings have been translated into Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, and German. It is estimated that some 25,000,000 people worldwide have used Dr. Hall's concepts and materials for their personal development and career growth.  Dr. Hall is now retired and living in Texas.