Jay Hall, Ph.D Social Psychologist and Teleometrics International Founder

Special Thanks to Social Psychologist and Teleometrics International, Inc. Founder

Dr. Jay Hall, for over 25 years, devoted his energies to improving the quality and productivity of working relationships in all types of organizations. During this time, he conducted research and consulted with manufacturing and service firms — scientific, research and educational institutions — government agencies — and health care facilities around the world.

He, perhaps more than any other behavioral scientist, devoted himself to pulling together and integrating the dominant management and organizational theories, studies and important validated research of our time.  This included work by great names such as Douglas McGregor, Abraham Maslow, Robert Blake, Jane Mouton, Chris Argyris, Kurt Lewin, Rensis Likert, David McClelland and many others.  Previously, these classic studies of management and organizations arose independent of one another with few researchers consciously building upon the works of the others.

His methods have resulted in increased commitment from employees, better performance in organizations and increased profits for shareholders.

After lecturing in the Department of Psychology, he served on the faculties of both the School of Law and the Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1967, he founded Teleometrics International, which specializes in research and development and training.

Dr. Hall and his provocative concepts have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune and dozens of magazines and journals. He is the author of numerous books, including Models for Management: The Structure of Compentence, The Competence Connection: A Blueprint for Excellence and Ponderables: Essays on Managerial Choice - Past and Future.  His writings have been translated into Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, and German. It is estimated that some 25,000,000 people worldwide have used Dr. Hall's concepts and materials for their personal development and career growth.  Dr. Hall is now retired and living in Texas.