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Edwards A. Holliday is president and founder of Atlantic Leadership Group, established in 1989 as a Franchise Partner of Leadership Management Inc. (LMI), a world leader in leadership development.

Edwards Holliday - ALG-

Edwards has an unbridled passion for producing results for Professional Advisors, primarily financial services teams, and accounting and legal practices.  Edwards is the Advisor to Advisors of small, high producing teams committed to continuously growing, improving and transitioning their businesses.  He coaches clients to achieving better results in increased client assets and revenue, while improving the franchise value of their businesses and helping them cultivate clients into raving fans who naturally refer more business.  His clients include the major wirehouse firms, regionals and independents, and he frequently travels the NY-VA corridor, and also serves clients in FL and CA.

A longtime specialist in executive coaching, Edwards has as experience in leadership development, strategic planning, productivity improvement, sales prospecting effectiveness, and personal goal setting. For the past 25 years he has helped more than 2,000 individuals in different service businesses develop their leadership and management skills, as well as set and achieve business, personal and life goals.  

Edwards researches validated best practices and transforms proven ideas into innovative solutions for clients that include large firms such as Morgan Stanley, UBS Financial Services & Private Wealth Management, RBC Wealth Management, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Merrill Lynch. His clients also include small to middle market privately held firms such as CohnReznick, Gersowitz Libo & Korek P.C., Sheehan & Co. CPA, Harkins Builders, Inc., TCA TrustCorp America, Appleman & Schauben, Atlas Law Group, and Bishop & Associates. 

Committed to delivering bottom line results, he coaches clients to build upon their strengths, expand their knowledge and stretch into their highest outcomes for themselves and their organizations through the unique process of Strategic Transformation. With more than 100 published profile articles on business leaders and what makes them effective, Edwards is an experienced business coach and facilitator.


We help successful Advisory Teams to continuously grow, improve and transition their businesses, resulting in increased assets and revenue, improved clientele quality, optimized business practices and realized franchise value.


• The personal and motivating nature of our relationships.
• The creative and customized scope of work.
• The accountability and advisor execution of their plan.
• In-person sessions, complemented with teleconference and web-based blended learning.
• Extensive work with advisors, teams of all types and expert collaboration partners.
• Coaching and consulting since 1989.


1. Laser fast problem solving, creative brainstorming and group best-thinking.
2. Group and individual facilitation and strategic planning.
3. Team development, all phases of new team formation to adding members, succession/exit plans. 
4. Strategic referral prospecting within clientele and Centers of Influence.
5. Conflict resolution and interpersonal team communication improvement.
6. Value proposition/target market focus and articulation; branding materials and planning.


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