seth goldmanYou could say Seth Goldman was hungry for success.  Or more accurately, thirsty.

A runner with an entrepreneurial spirit, Goldman longed to find a thirst-quencher that wasn't tasteless but was also not too sweet. Enter Barry Nalebuff, a business school professor of Goldman's whose urge to create a better tea beverage was matched only by Goldman's.  Together the pair launched Honest Tea 12 years ago in Goldman's Bethesda kitchen where they brewed batch after batch of tea. 

Today, Honest Tea has grown from a home-based business to a $70 million global beverage player that Coca-Cola gambled on in 2008 as a minority investor.  Goldman's ready-to-drink beverage concept made Honest Tea a model for gazelle-like growth within what has become a crowded product category.  But that wasn't always the case.