Larry ShulmanTaking Work-Related Stress Levels Down a Notch

When Larry Shulman was in law school, his father told him the only way he would ever get into a law firm was to start his own.  "My father didn't believe that was ever going to happen," Shulman said.  "He was truly frustrated because he expected more of me."

After being turned down by 44 law firms and despite his father's lack of confidence in him, Shulman started his own firm practicing real estate law.  As a matter of fact, he went far beyond his father's expectations by becoming the inadvertent founder and current senior partner in Montgomery County's largest law firm, Shulman Rogers, in Potomac.

Shulman said he never earned good grades in law school until he married after his second year.  Suddenly he was responsible for someone else, and he buckled down.  "My father looked at my grades and said, "You know, it's a damn shame that you didn't get married in kindergarten.'"