Stu3 kojak 125The Key To Creating Your Own Personal Bull Market!

Have you ever cried, lost sleep or fought with your partner about money? Have you noticed that no matter how much you have, you may be perpetually living in a state of insufficiency, also known as “not enough”… not enough time, not enough energy and/or not enough money?!

I know what it is like to have millions of dollars in the bank and still cry over money…to feel like scum of the earth after losing money on a given business day, and feel like the dumbest person in the world. I’ve called myself names (expletives) and things that I would never dare call anyone else, all because of money dealings.  I’ve found thatInner Security and Infinite Wealth book cover 100 many people have the same experience.  We have all made mistakes or fallen short in achieving our goals and felt terribly about it.


Even though I was in the top 1% of net worth of all the people in the world, I felt anything but wealthy at times.  There were times when I felt like the most stupid, unworthy person on the planet.  No amount of money or Ivy League credentials would have changed this negative self-opinion.