Jack Welch GE“Are we measuring and rewarding the specific behavior we want?”

- Jack Welch

The former Chairman and CEO of General Electric worked very hard to get the best from all of his employees. By most accounts he was very successful at doing it.

Do you measure and reward performance effectively and in a way that aligns with your strategic objectives?  Do you feel like you have good people, but fail to get their best effort?  Can you articulate a clear, shared vision and strategy for achieving it?  These are a few of the tough questions to consider, especially in the challenging times of this decade.

All great organizations share several key elements:

  • A clear, shared strategic vision and plan for the future that is understood by all employees
  • A process to manage the business strategically every day
  • A healthy, effective leadership culture that releases the full potential of its people
  • Productive practices that include efficient processes, clear goals, follow-through and accountability

Creating a healthy, effective culture is one of the challenging problems for any organization and often we struggle to take appropriate measures to improve.  Atlantic Leadership Group offers a proven, research validated approach to dealing with this challenge and can help you get the most from your people.