Advisor to Advisor Coaching

Holliday Edwards Melba MGS homepage33Over the past 29 years of working with a wide variety of large Private Wealth Advisor teams and leaders of high powered niche services firms, we've found elite professionals value:

  1. Forward-thinking creativity –  innovative ideas and vision-driven strategies.
  2. Exclusive experience, personal attention and customized counsel – a personal, highly customized and intimate coaching experience with motivation for laser action.
  3. Strategic sounding board for their prospecting, marketing ideas and client opportunities - best thinking and decision making.
  4. Third-party facilitator for their tough issues – conflict resolved quickly.
  5. Outside evaluation of their processes and approaches – reality check and healthy change.
  6. Relentless continuous improvement and expert training – competitive advantage by evolving and always growing.

 All of these benefits take place in the course of our typical approach to an ongoing coaching relationship.