Management Development

A Model for Effective Management Behavior

Our Achieving Manager model can be used to quickly enhance an organization’s performance through a measurement and education process that creates long-term positive change in individuals and entire organizational cultures.


peter-druckerIf we know one thing today…it is most managers are made, not born…there has to be a systematic work on the supply, the development, and the skills of tomorrow’s management…it cannot be left to chance.
- Peter F. Drucker

The culture created largely by management is the context for productivity at your organization. Effective cultures get the most out of people, attract the best people and develop leaders from within.

  • Maximize the managerial and leadership effectiveness of your management team using a process based on research and proven through extensive experience

  • Create expanded empowerment, professionalism and effectiveness for all of your employees
  • We provide specific feedback using validated assessment instruments necessary for the development of your management team and their employees

  • Further develop your organization’s understanding and use of the power of goal setting and key performance indicators in daily operations--providing important tools for improving performance

  • Create significant improvement in both individual and team problem solving, decision making and leadership skills

  • Build the kind of leadership culture that will assure superior organizational performance for the long term

  • Make a major impact on overall organizational performance, both now and into the future
  • This works for any business--the Achieving Manager model has been validated in a wide range of business, industry, non-profit and government organizations

  • Our unique e-learning system can be used to provide a self-paced, on-demand approach that is effective for many organizations.

Teleometrics eLearning ModuleThis process identifies areas that have the most effect on the success of the organization. Our model is the only thoroughly proven, data-based model for maximizing managerial and leadership effectiveness. Using specific feedback, individuals can begin to understand where they stand, recognize the traits of high achieving managers, see the gaps and act to close these gaps to become a high achieving manager.

The key to becoming a high achieving manager is to learn to behave like one and we can show you how. This not only provides for improved management team effectiveness and overall organizational performance in the near term, it also develops the strong leadership foundation necessary for continuing improvement in overall organizational performance for the long term--a leadership pipeline for the future.

Incorporation of the Achieving Manager model within your organization will provide dramatic and rapid results.

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