Achieving Manager Experience

The State of the Art Process for Leadership Culture Development

The purpose of this exciting program is to incorporate the Achieving Manager Model and its associated concepts, principles, style, and actions, into the daily organizational leadership culture of the client organization. The primary purpose is overall leadership culture development.

This not only provides for improved management team effectiveness and overall organizational performance in the near term, it also develops the strong leadership foundation necessary for continuing improvement in overall organizational performance for the long term.

The "Achieving Manager" model is the only thoroughly proven, data-based, model for
maximizing managerial and leadership effectiveness. The model has been validated in a wide range of business, industry, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.

Incorporation of the "Achieving Manager" model within the daily operational culture of the organization will provide dramatic results:

  1. Maximize the management and leadership effectiveness of individual
    management team participants.

  2. Further develop true management team effectiveness and

  3. Lead to expanded empowerment and effectiveness of all employees.

  4. Provide specific data necessary to the further development of individual
    members of the management team, the management team in general, and

  5. Further develop the organization’s understanding and use of the power of
    Goal Setting and Key Performance Indicators in daily operations, providing
    important tools for improving performance.

  6. Provide significant improvement in both individual and team
    problem solving, decision making, and leadership skills.

  7. Build the kind of leadership culture that will assure superior organizational
    performance, not just in the present, but for the future.

  8. Make a major impact on overall organizational performance, both in the
    short run and into the future.

Within these primary process purposes, are the following objectives:
  • Build a strong awareness and a comprehensive understanding within
    Manager Participants of:
    • The "ideal" of the Achieving Manager model .
    • Their own management and leadership style and practices. This is done both through improved self-awareness and by means of input from others.

  • Reinforce understanding and constructive use of the Achieving Manager
    model for those employees being managed by the Management Team

  • Assure that each Manager Participant builds and implements a specific plan
    of action to improve their management/leadership effectiveness.

  • Assure that each Manager Participant develops and implements actions to
    improve the overall effectiveness of their working relationship with three other
    employees in the organization.

  • Improve the overall effectiveness of all those involved in the process, both
    those directly participating as Manager Participants and those involved
    through their role as Development Partners.

  • Make a major contribution to improving team effectiveness throughout the

  • Identify major challenges facing the organization and learn and practice new
    problem solving and decision making skills in attacking these challenges.

  • Implement Goal Setting and Key Performance Indicator activities as a part of
    the process, not only to achieve specific results but also as a "learn-by-doing"
    technique to teach the art and science of goal setting and measurement.
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The Achieving Manager Experience is offered thanks to our collaboration partnership with Mike Weaver and Achievement Associates, Inc.