Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training, by Kent McKamy, is a minimum of three 2-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions complete with video, verbal and written feedback.  This is intense, customized and hands-on training for immediate improvement.  It can be oriented for either table top presentations/discussions or platform speaking.

Presentation Skills Training is based on training individuals (no more than two per session) rather than groups. There is sound reasoning for this. People learn best when they can practice and rehearse. A session with one or two individuals allows for in-person practice. We do not lecture. We work with each individual on her or his particular style, capability and competence.

All sessions include videography and playback. (DVDs of each session are provided to each individual at no additional cost.) It is useful for individuals to see how they perform, and to make note of strengths to be enhanced and shortcomings to be minimized. On video, individuals can also examine their attitudes, a critical factor in delivering an effective table-top or podium presentation.

The training involves a minimum of three sessions, each lasting approximately 2 hours. Additional sessions may be recommended : a) if further work on presentation content, organization and style is indicated, b) if help is needed with visual material, c) if rehearsal time prior to a live table-top or podium presentation would be valuable.

Click HERE for the full three-session overview.

For more information contact: Kent McKamy (212)684-1465 or Edwards Holliday (301)854-2388