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WHO we are

Edwards Holliday

Advisor to Advisors
President, Atlantic Leadership Group

Edwards delivers FORWARD-THINKING CREATIVITY as the Advisor to Advisors of elite wealth management teams through improved strategy, leadership and productivity. He focuses on growing, improving and transitioning their businesses, resulting in increased assets and revenue, improved clientele quality, optimized business practices and a premium franchise value.


Melba Holliday

Managing Partner
Executive Coach
Equine Facilitated Leadership Coach

Melba delivers an EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE with profound insights that advance priority life and career goals for transitioning Special Operations Forces veterans and elite Private Wealth Management teams.

Melba is a Professional Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation and an expert facilitator.


Sarah Holliday

Consulting Partner
High Performance Coach
Sarah Holliday

Sarah Holliday delivers UNEXPECTED THOUGHT to the process of finding creative solutions for professionals with athletic minds. Perceptive and discerning about people, how they work and what they need to be productive, Sarah puts her agile critical thinking and high- performance skills to work to produce results for both individuals and teams. She cares about people and connects at the heart, gut and cognitive levels as a leader and teammate.


Sarah Holliday

Advisor to Advisors

Over the past 30 years of working with a wide variety of large Private Wealth Advisor teams and leaders of high powered niche services firms, we’ve found elite professionals value:

Forward-thinking creativity

Innovative ideas and vision-driven strategies.

Exclusive experience, personal attention and customized counsel

A personal, highly customized and intimate coaching experience with motivation for laser action.

Strategic sounding board for their prospecting, marketing ideas and client opportunities

Best thinking and decision making.

Third-party facilitator for their tough issues

Conflict resolved quickly.

Outside evaluation of their processes and approaches

Reality check and healthy change.

Relentless continuous improvement and expert training

Competitive advantage by evolving and always growing.

All of these benefits take place in the course of our typical approach to an ongoing coaching relationship.

The Total Leader

Developing Strategy,
Building Leadership Cultures,
Improving Productivity

Your company will achieve greater profitability, better performance and a higher return on investment when you communicate a vision-driven strategy, develop leaders throughout your organization, and increase productivity of your people. Together with you, we focus solely on delivering results you can measure.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Productivity and Process Improvement

Program Outlines

Effective Personal Productivity
Effective Personal Leadership
Effective Motivational Leadership
Effective Leadership Development
Strategic Transformation Process


TeachingHorse, founded by national equine expert June Gunter, CEO, is our strategic partner in delivering world-class corporate equine experiential workshops. Melba Holliday is a Certified TeachingHorse facilitator.


Why Partner with Horses?

A horse will teach you something about yourself.

Horses are beautiful, powerful, sentient beings. As animals of prey, horses have survived for millions of years through their highly tuned instincts and sensitive energetic intelligence. They appear in our folklore, and have partnered with us throughout history and in war. Equine Facilitated Leadership is a new way for horses to partner with us.

A horse’s highly attuned energetic sensitivity detects and mirrors our feelings, attitudes and behaviors which are often beyond our awareness.

Attuned to non-verbal communication. You have to really pay attention to know what the horse is reflecting back to you.

In the presence of an individual or a group horses know if you’re unified or fragmented.

They will tell you if they want to follow you and your vision. Through this feedback participants gain valuable insights into their internal processes and interpersonal interactions.

Horses don’t lie and they are not judgmental.

Horses don’t lie and they are not judgmental. They will always tell you exactly what they think and feel. To gain their trust participants must be authentic, clear and honest. Awakening your ability to connect with the horses allows you to understand yourself and access your personal power and resources.

What Do We Offer?

Leadership coaching for personal or professional development is provided by trained facilitators in partnership with our horse coaches. Workshops are custom designed for groups and corporate teams. Through experiences with the horses teams work together towards a common goal, improve communication skills, move through conflict and empower team members. *Private coaching sessions are designed for the individual client.

Participants will Experience:

  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Confidence building
  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Empathy and Authenticity

How Do We Work with the Horses?

The facilitators guide the participants through structured equine assisted activities. The workshops are custom designed to address the particular goals of each group, with a leadership focus. The workshops can be half-day, single day, or multi-day programs. All activities are unmounted, no prior horse or riding experience is required.

Coaching with horses is experiential allowing for a mind/body connection that can be transformational. Horses help us:

  • To be present
  • To get to an issue quickly, feel our emotions
  • Set boundaries
  • Discover our leadership style
  • Feel confident
  • Understand the Four-Diamond model of leadership responsibilities

Where are we Located?

Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions and workshops are privately contracted and held nationally at farms with our strategic partners, normally within an hour or two of most major cities. We select environments that are suited to engage safely in experiential learning through interactions with a talented and experienced herd of horses.

Who are your Facilitators?

Corporate teams and group workshops are facilitated by Melba Holliday, Certified Equine Facilitated Leadership Coach and supported by trained horse handlers and/or co-facilitators. Melba is the East Coast Hub Leader for Teaching Horse and The Four-Diamond Model of Leadership, created by nationally recognized expert June Gunter. Teaching Horse has dozens of certified equine experts located nationally who serve as facilitation partners. Our approach to this work stems from our beliefs that an active hands on experience in a safe and giving environment creates palpable potential for individuals to shift to positive change in their lives.


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